Inevitable Time


Krishna - The Heart of London

"Beautifully recorded and mixed voices surrounded by lush pianos and atmospheres, this album transports you to another, more serene and mysterious world"
Simon Gogerly - Grammy Award Winner - U2

I'm so thankful to the group that helped bring 'Chakram' to life. It contains the most touching songs and melodies. Each time I hear the song 'Sarvaswa Tomar' it brings my eyes in tears & my heart in reverence"
Adi Priya Devi - Kirtaneer

"I have heard this amazing CD 'Chakram' and it is the best. The music is very soothing to the ears, after listening to the CD you can experience peace and calmness as it heals the soul. Everyone must have a copy of this in their collection as a lot of hard work has been put into creating this amazing piece of work"

"Thank you for this great album Chakram, by Kripamoya. I feel such a love whenever I listen to it. I had a request if it is possible. The fifth track of the album is called 'Sarvaswa Tomar' which I listen to the most. I wanted to ask if you could give me the lyrics of this chant, as I want to sing with it but don't know what it says. I live in Iran and don't have any contact with ISKCON temples to ask them."
Mahyar Mohammadzadeh

"Congratulations on the new CD! I still remember your wonderful music. Somehow I no longer have any recordings of yours. I'd love to obtain all of them."
Kurma - Chef & Author

"I have been waiting for an album to make me feel good and energise me for a while now and after hearing this album I'm happy to say I've found it. Lively, feel good music which I can't stop listening to. A must buy for sure"
Mahesh - Financier

"The music - which rises from gentle valleys to bombastic peaks but always stirs the emotions - accompanies the powerful, soaring voice of Ananda Monet."

"With depth and beauty in her performances Ananda transfers us to a realm of divine bliss and happiness."
Krishna West London

"As a vocalist trained in traditional Russian folk music, Ananda Monet has applied her considerable talents to a rendition of key episodes of the Mahabharata in song. Anyone even slightly familiar with the epic cannot fail to be moved by her soulful performance in her album 'Inevitable Time'. Each stirring song masterfully evokes the intense emotions of the particular story it portrays. From the disgraceful disrobing of Draupadi to the heart breaking departure of the great hero Bhishma, her interpretations are superb. I have listened to the album at least two dozen times since acquiring it, and still find myself wiping away my tears each time it plays. It is an amazing contribution to the great epic that is the Mahabharata. Five stars (out of five)."
Krishna Dharma - Author

"I have just been listening to Ananda Monet's new CD Inevitable Time!
It really needs or deserves someone from The Guardian to do it justice…it is that high art!
The production is exotic, overwhelming, dramatic and yet it never seems to overwhelm her strident voice…she is the consummate artist, the world class vocalist not to be outdone by any of the challenges of this filmic epic!..
Jag's production would be no disgrace to a Hans Zimmer moviescore…you just have to hear it to know what I mean…
They have poured their blood sweat and tears into every moment of every track…if you are visually oriented you might easily by courtesy of the cinematic sound vibrations imagine before your inner eyes scenes played out in the Drama Most High that is Mahabharata…
This deserves a film… It is a thinking man's album, not for the faint hearted or the wishy washy sentimental…
Check it out… Ananda's vocals are never eclipsed by the many challenges and demands of the extreme passions of the musical score…She rides upon them, effortlessly harnessing their power and glory to do her bidding..well done young lady…"
Jayadev (John Richardson) - Musician, Singer, Lead Vocalist of The Rubettes



"I am writing to say how much I like the new album celebrating the 40th anniversary of Sri Sri Radha Londonisvara's installation. Kripamoya - if he has an album I am buying it.
Robert Lury

"Jayadev's song is wonderful. Heart breaking in its sentiment and feeling."
Kieron Thomas - Artist

"Kripamoya's track is a hair on end tears welling up experience. Everyone in the entire movement and beyond will crave this album."

"Hari Kirtan is absolute dogs. Brill, amazing."
Adi Guru - CEO Pure Incense